Behind Abbey Flicks

We love movies.

Yes, we love all of those guilty pleasures watched on TV at 2:00 am and those big-screen epics and the documentaries shown in our history classes in college. Movies. Funny. Serious. Teachable. We love them all. And we know that you love them, too.

We met in the dark. The dark of a movie theater. And we are in love. In love with what is up on the screen and we wanted to bring it home.

We liked to be scared in the dark. We like it when something on the screen makes us jump or cry or laugh or think. We really like it when it makes us think. We like it when movies make us remember: people, events, places, sounds.

And we know you like that, too. And that is why we offer what we do. We love them and we hope that you love them, too. Thank you for sharing these with us.

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