29th Street (1991) DVD nthony LaPaglia, Danny Aiello, Lainie Kazan, Frank Pesce and Robert Forster

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29th Street 1991 DVD (Region 1 - Playable in North America - The US, Canada, Mexico, etc.) Widescreen. Color.

Starring: Anthony LaPaglia, Danny Aiello, Lainie Kazan, Frank Pesce, Robert Forster.

Frank Pesce Jr. (Anthony LaPaglia) lives in Queens with his boisterous family. With his parents, his brother, his sister and her husband all living under the same roof it takes the firm hand of Mrs Pesce (Lainie Kazan) to hold things together. However, Frank Sr. (Danny Aiello) is having some problems with a big-time Mafia boss and it's not long before he stands to lose everything. In startling comparison Frank Jr.'s luck couldn't be better - he scoops the jackpot of the first New York State Lottery, a cool 6 million dollars.

"An absolutely delightful cross between Goodfellas and It's A Wonderful Life!" - Jeffrey Lyons