All The Rivers Run II (Complete, Uncut Sequel Miniseries) 2-Disc set!

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All The Rivers Run II (All The Rivers Run – Part 2) 1990 DVD Region 1 (Playable in North America - The US, Canada, Mexico, etc.) 2 Disc Set. Complete Miniseries. Color.

Starring: John Waters, Nikki Coghill, Parker Stevenson.

The thrilling sequel to the internationally renowned miniseries All The Rivers Run. (Also available at Abbey Flicks) The continuing story of the bustling Port of Echuca and its riverboat captains, Delie and Brenton Edwards. While the world celebrates the turn of the century, bad times have struck the once thriving riverboat trade. While attempting to mediate a heated dispute between the shearer’s and riverboat skipper’s, Brenton (John Waters) is framed for the serious injury of a local businessman, and sent to jail in Melbourne. Meanwhile, Delie (Nikki Coghil) is left to fight an unjust custody battle for the children, a sinking business, and the not entirely unwanted advances of a mysterious and charming overseas entrepreneur.

Shot entirely on location in the beautiful town of Echuca - Victoria, this 2 disc set is must-have for collector’s and lovers of the original Australian saga.