The Encounter – Season 1 2016 (DVD) Bruce Marchiano, Morgan Fairchild, Brian Bosworth

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The Encounter – Season 1 (2016) DVD Color Approx. 196 MIN. Beautiful print. Playable in North America (the US, Canada, Mexico, etc.) Optional English subtitles

Starring: Bruce Marchiano, Morgan Fairchild, Brian Bosworth, Morgan Bosworth, Michael Ironside, Anna Zielinski, Carlos PenaVega, Antonio Sabato Jr, Delaney Aiello, Kevin Downes, Sepfanie Kramer. Written by Keith Ray Putman, and Timothy Ratajczak. Directed by Billy DaMota, Kevin Downes, Shane Hawks, Joth Riggs, Gabriel Sabloff, Carey Scott, and David A.R. White.

What if you had a personal encounter with Jesus Christ? Based on the popular movies, The Encounter Series – Season 1 (2016) follows individual life stories and illustrates how an unexpected experience with Jesus Christ can shift lives into a new and purposeful direction.

"Her Final Role"
"U Turn"
"Just Believe"
"For Better,For Worse"
"Maximum Mike"