Tenko: Series 3 & Reunion (1984) 4 Disc Set!

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Tenko: Series 3 and Tenko: The Reunion 1984 (Region 1 - Playable in North America - The US, Canada, Mexico, etc.) 4-Disc Set. Color.

Starring: Stephanie Cole, Ann Bell, Louise Jameson, Elizabeth Chambers, Elsper Gray.

Writer Lavinia Warner's award-winning series exploring the hardships suffered by a group of expatriate western women in Japanese prisoner of war camps, comes to its conclusion with the third and final series of Tenko. It's the end of the war and Singapore has returned to British control. Two years after being moved to a Japanese camp many women have died and those still alive have all but lost their will to fight. An impromptu and suspicious roll call has them on their guard after they get word that an order is out for their execution and they prepare to defend themselves. None are prepared for what happens next... Australian soldiers arrive at the camp and bear witness to the appalling conditions. The women are finally released and flown to Singapore for repatriation. But how will they adjust to their newfound freedom? Some are reunited with their loved ones whilst others learn the worst. But all discover that adjusting back to the life they once knew will be difficult after what they have been through. They make a pact to return to Raffles Hotel - a fixture in their pre-war lives - in 5 years for a reunion.

In Tenko: The Reunion the women return to Singapore to examine how each of their lives has changed, reminisce about life in the camp and explore their hopes for the future. However, divisions in the group resurface when some express their sympathies for the Japanese. And a trip to visit a friend's plantation places all the women in danger as the property is raided by rebel forces and they discover a traitor in their midst. As per the previous two series, bold storytelling and outstanding cast performances once again feature in the concluding series of this classic 1980s wartime drama. This 4-Disc Set contains all episodes of the third series and the special event reunion movie.